Deepbrain Chain Partners with Singularitynet’s Network of AI Algorithms and Services


World’s first blockchain powered AI computing platform, DeepBrain Chain will be announcing its partnership with SingularityNET, the premium open source platform for AI innovators.

The new partnership will allow AI developers, on SingularityNET’s data marketplace, the option to link datasets and power algorithms through DeepBrain Chain’s network. It will also connect agents that link servers together which will provide back-end autonomy without input from the user.

On the one hand, the open source platform is looking to minimize the autonomous interaction between AI agents. Meanwhile, DeepBrain Chain will be developing a platform and marketplace for the training and development of AI models by integrated AI cloud network. The former will be using cloud service provided by DeepBrain Chain to bid enough power for the users of the SNet service. The company hopes to expand the growth of AI in a less centralized manner.

Chief AI Officer and Executive VP of DeepBrain Chain, Dongyan Wang said that his company aims to make more affordable AI which will pave the way for innovation in industries like finance and healthcare. He added, “Being the first AI platform built on the blockchain, we have taken a responsibility to lower computing cost by at least 50{263b85f1ee1f21048dda63f36486adda28bda40a358e2228d65ddfbef2290fbe}. With our new collaboration with SingularityNET, we know we’ll not only lower costs but begin to create a larger network of data sharing to further capabilities of those trying to significantly impact our daily lives.”

It was informed that between 2012 and 2016, 5,154 new Artificial Intelligence companies emerged and 20 to 30 percent of the cost of AI applications comes from the computation. As of now, AI has a market cap of $ 20 billion. In a study undertaken by Narrative Science, it was revealed that 62 percent of the companies would employee AI technologies by 2018.

The new project will create a framework that opens the gate of data transfers between the two participant firms. Thus, a user of one platform will be able to access data present on the other one by back-end transactions. It will eliminate the necessity of paying special attention to a cross-platform interaction.

About DeppBrain Chain

The company claims to decrease computing power costs by 70 percent through its distributed and decentralized blockchain platform. The use of the breakthrough technology empowers data providers and buyers as chances of breach and alterations become technically zero.

About SingularityNET

It is the only firm that lets AI to cooperate and coordinate at a scale which terminates the issue of interoperability. Thus, the strength and capabilities of individual AIs have increased manifolds. AI agents are given the power to buy and sell goods and services across various markets.

It is believed that the new partnership will boost AI acceptance in more businesses which were hesitant to use the technology before. With time, many new functions will be included in the platform which will make the bond last much longer than expected.

As of now, new users can wait for the new venture to get reviewed by experts for avoiding any silly mistakes in their maiden run.

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